The organization of the most successful Russian businesswomen
Since 2002
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Major projects and events

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  • The First and Second US-Russia Women Business Leaders’ Summits ( held in April 2002, May2004 in Moscow (see ). — in partnership with The Committee of 200 (USA), the professional organization of preeminent businesswomen.
  • Mentoring program with participation of growing women-entrepreneurs from 22 regions of Russia
  • Surveys and presentations at major International and National Conferences on the role of women in the economic development of the country
  • Lectures and seminars for the students and post-graduates, MBA students of the Moscow State University and other Universities and business-schools «School of Leadership»
  • Research work «Female Leadership —is there any room for us? Women in Business» in partnership with COMCON Group.
  • International Conference for Women in Banking and Finance (2008) in partnership with FWA