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Educational and Youth Programs

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Educational and Youth Programs have been identified by the C20 as the key areas of its activity. These Programs are implemented in close collaboration with the leading Russian Universities and High Schools.

These programs provide students with the unique opportunity:

  1. to obtain first-hand information about business environment in Russia,
  2. to meet with the leading entrepreneurs and managers and to have a dialogue with them;
  3. to learn from best practices;
  4. to become aware of the ‘golden rules’ necessary to become successful and many pitfalls that might be faced on the way to this success ;
  5. to discuss real case-studies and learn from them;
  6. to get on-site training at the leading companies.

The activities of the C 20’s members under this Program include: lectures, seminars, participation in the Conferences held by the Universities, consultations, work on the Educational Programs which must be updated and adapted to the needs of modern economic realities; organization of on-site trainings for students.

In 2005-2006 The Committee of 20 started to work in close collaboration with the Moscow State University and some other leading business schools. (See the photos) Later on the Program was expanded. Since then more than 20 lectures and master-classes have been delivered.

Educational and Youth Programs will be continued and expanded in the future.