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The «Committee of 20’s» survey

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"Making a career in Russia: how to get to the top? Key motivating factors and barriers to men’s and women’s career development. A view from both sides"

Non-profit organisation The Committee of 20 proposed to conduct a study in Russia to identify the factors affecting management and executive careers and the problems men and women have to deal with to climb up the career ladder. Also, the study sought to find out exactly what hinders women and men from getting into positions where they could actually participate in managing their companies.


  • determine the factors affecting men’s and women’s careers in Russia;
  • understand incentives prompting men and women to reach top executive positions;
  • identify internal and external barriers hindering career development of both genders;
  • identify typically “female” career development barriers;
  • determine main gender-related social stereotypes affecting career development.

Methodology and sample

During the qualitative stage of the study seven in-depth interviews were conducted. The respondents included recognised Russian business leaders (three men and four women), heads of major companies with huge experience, models of bright and successful careers. The level of their current positions was at least deputy general director, with hundreds and thousands of staff under their supervision. The in-depth interviews were conducted between 15 May – 9 July, 2010.

At the second, quantitative stage of the study the objective was to verify the data obtained during the qualitative stage by comparing it with general trends. This stage included the following objectives:

  • identify the difference between Russian and foreign companies’ approaches;
  • estimate how wide-spread the stereotypes were;
  • determine major incentives and barriers to career development;
  • rate the factors affecting career development;
  • identify gender-related differences.

The results of the survey «Making a career in Russia: how to get to the top? Key motivating factors and barriers to men’s and women’s career development. A view from both sides» were presented and discussed at the Presentation held by the Committee of 20 on September 10th, 2010 at the Marriott Grand Hotel.

Short version of the survey