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Short version of the survey

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We’re happy to present brief version of the survey. You can leave request for the full version at our web-site. Intellectual property rights to this study and its results belong to non-profit organisation The Committee of 20; if you use any of the data contained in the brochure, please make a proper reference to its source.

Table of contents


About the study


Methodology and sample

Career development factors

General factors

Role of education in men’s and women’s career development

Motivating factors to climb the career ladder

Leadership as a conscious choice

Similarities and differences between men’s

and women’s motivating factors

Barriers to career development

Common barriers

Barriers hindering women’s careers

“Male” society

Why Russian women underestimate their potential

The imaginary limit

Gender stereotypes and leadership

Man the leader

The housewife myth

Perception of female bosses

More balanced teams

Recommendations to women managers

How to break the glass ceiling


Expert Opinion

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