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First Summit

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The First US-Russia Women Business Leaders’ Summit was held in April 16-19, in Moscow, Russia. The Forum was initiated by a group of Russian women — business leaders who conceived the idea of convening a Summit the most preeminent women in business from the US and Russia. The Summit was organized in partnership with the Committee of 200 (USA) The stated goals of the Summit were to forge new alliances and business partnerships, to break down stereotypes between the groups and to exchange best practices.

Thirty-five women business leaders from the US and Russia came together in Moscow for this historic and truly groundbreaking Summit

The Summit was a great success. All the stated goals were achieved and the results even exceeded the expectations of the participants. (more at

Delegates from both sides agreed that the Summits should be conducted every two years on a regular basis in Russia and in the US. One of the most important results of the First Summit was the decision of Russian women business leaders to start their own organization which was founded in September 2002 and called The Committee of 20.